Motive Charger 3000Watt

Model : TF4860

C³V 2010 Programmable DC Power Supply

by Innovative Series-Parallel Topology
for Tractors and Forklift Power Batteries.


The TF4860 is an extremely compact multi-voltage of opportunity, fast and normal charger designed for industrial battery powered fleet applications and prepared to charge most of the motive power batteries. It is implemented with power MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) and applies Trueful's patented Series-Parallel Phase Shift topology to obtain highly efficient power conversion for a smaller carbon footprint and thanks to the wireless communication and programmability, the optimized fleet management is definitely possible.


  • Three phase △ 415V input.
  • 24/36/48V multi-voltage ranges
  • Innovative Series-Parallel Topology.
  • Compact and light for wall mount.
  • Dust proof heat exchange design.
  • High efficiency power conversion.
  • Battery voltages auto detection.
  • Charge on battery connecting.
  • Wi-Fi communication.
  • Full protections and alarm.
OVP, OCP, OTP Over Capacity protection Abnormal di/dt and dv/dt detection Battery reverse protection

Output Terminals on Fan Panel